Our services include Managed Services, Audits & System ReportsIT ConsultancyHardware & Software Sales and Repairs & Maintenance.

Audits and System Reports

We welcome the opportunity to carry out a FREE Audit on your Computer Network (Conditions Apply).  Many businesses take the opportunity to have us carry out system and network audits for peace of mind. An audit can ensure that your systems are not overly compromised in any way and you can be assured your incumbent supplier is providing optimal advice and support.

Our audits can be achieved in a non-invasive way using excellent utilities that identify security vulnerabilities, resource bottlenecks, outstanding maintenance tasks along with required software updates and patches. With a focus on communication and inter-personal skills, your staff's challenges can be evaluated allowing us to make recommendations that will benefit both productivity and your staff's user experience with your systems.

IT Consultancy

By understanding your business requirements and the existing systems you employ, we are well experienced to document and develop strategic proposals that fall in line with your requirements and/or business plans. With a focus on practicality we pride ourselves in recommending real and cost effective hardware and software solutions. We have a long history with accounting and business management software as well as network design and deployment.

All projects are managed by the same consultant to ensure delivery is to expectation. Care and attention to detail provides our clients with satisfaction and reduces our expense by mitigating unneccesary rework.

Relationships form a key part of our business. We attempt to match technicians to customers based not only on expertise but also personality to foster the best possible client relationships and trust. 

Hardware & Software Sales

Using both well established branded products such as HP, Intel, Toshiba and Asus, we also provide OEM built P.C's that can be built to specification for purpose. We provide an interface for you in the unlikely event you have a warranty issue usually with appropriate forward replacement or loan equipment. This can save you time, hassle and expense avoiding many hidden costs you would likely experience if you had to manage yourself or through a retail company.

We provide finance solutions for business as well as individuals including financial lease (Rental) and rent to own (HP).

Repairs & Maintenance

Break Fix (Reactive) vs MSP (Proactive)

We have some clients that prefer to only contact us when they have a need or issue to be resolved. Whilst this may appear to be a more cost effective way of managing I.C.T services, it actually ends up being more expensive. When maintenance is carried out regularly and mainly out of hours, many issues are prevented, increasing productivity and avoiding business interuption. Add to this discounted rates for installation, implementation and work that is outside of the MSP scope, and expense is even further reduced. Non tangible aspects of an MSP agreement include priority response and increased speed and performance of resolving any issue that does crop up. This is acheived by having familarity of the system and effective site documentation all of which is in our interest to do so given the cost of time is at our expense. More information on this programme is available on request.

With a focus on managed services our business is a little different from the run of the mill I.C.T company. We recognise from experience that your time is valuable and expenses in I.T can get out of hand. We can provide you with a total managed support programme at a fixed price. This can be tailored to your requirements and in most cases will be equal to or less than you are paying for break fix support! Seem too good to be true? Allow us to make an appointment with you so we can explain how we can achieve this commercially at a higher satisfaction level than you would experience with break fix or reactive support.

Response times are enhanced through remote access support and our company model. With a large percentage of clients on managed services, we are able to concentrate on the prevention of issues rather than dealing with disruptive and reactive issues. This allows us the scope to respond to on site jobs and unexpected faults in a timely manner.