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Why Technology Partners?

Combining business experience, exceptional technical ability and an incredible scope of services, Technology Partners will deliver an I.C.T experience to your company that is unparalleled.

As an experienced business owner myself, I understand the value of return on investment. The value proposition is always important to us and we like to understand clearly how what we propose will acheive the required tangible and intangible benefits you require for your business. To this end we also find our business experience benefits our clients by raising points or making suggestions that have not been considered.

Clients continually express their appreciation of our ability to resolve the most complex issues with speed and efficiency.

When we are your internet service provider, network and computer hardware provider, telecommunications provider, domain, email and website host, business management software and or cloud hosting provider, printer supplier, video security supplier and web developer we are responsible for, and capable of working with all integration. This also provides us with the access to understanding and resolving any technical issues you may have in a timely manner.

No longer will you be caught between providers that will not take responsibility for an integration issue or be paying multiple companies to solve problems.

The opportunity for us to save you expense and improve productivity is enormous.

With more services deployed in your business by us, we are further incentivised to deliver excellent service and rates to maintain your loyalty. The more services you have with us, the greater the scale of economy is to us both, and therefore the more valued our relationship becomes to one another.

Managed Services

Add managed services to this model and enjoy fixed monthly charges that provide a host of additional advantages to your cashflow and bottom line. You can enjoy discounted rates for installation and implementation of new equipment and software, as well as afterhours maintenance and support to minimise disruption to your business productivity in working hours. This is offered as an agreement rather than a contract providing you the flexability to disengage should you ever desire to.

Subcontracted Services

We pride ourselves  to be selected by many other leading national and international  I.C.T providers as their partner of choice to deliver services and support on their behalf to their clients. Adding further substance to this role, Technology Partners maintain excellent health and safety practices as well as carry appropriate insurance cover for public liability and professional indemnity.

Our challenge to you

So don’t just take our word for this, call or email now  to organise a free no obligation review of your services.