About Us

Phil Strang - Senior Consultant and Director

Having started in the Office Equipment Industry in 1991 as an apprentice Office Equipment Technician repairing typewriters, photocopiers and cash registers, I moved quickly into early generation word processors and mini computer systems. Working with major local bodies and legal companies I was responsible for the repairs and maintenance of computer systems during the 1980's. Following the explosion of IBM and IBM compatible computers during the mid to late 80's, I worked closely with DOS based systems and then early Microsoft Windows operating systems from version 3.0 onward. Building a computer division within a local Tauranga based company called Bay Typewriters, the company was then purchased by Blue Star Office Products (BSOP) in the 90's. Adopting new technology and the company spreading its wings into the telecommunications industry provided me with an opportunity to grow a team that formed a significant I.T client base across many industry sectors.

In 2001 I resigned my position with Boise Office Products who had purchased BSOP and now trade as OfficeMax, to start my own company, Business Technology Solutions. "BTS" was born and over a 7 year period grew both organically and through acquisition to employ in excess of 20 staff spanning I.T, Communications and Document Print.

Selling BTS in 2008, I spent several years as a business consultant before forming Technology Partners in 2011. With a new vision we focussed heavily on Cloud based solutions and delivering Managed I.C.T Services to clients that recognise the importance of developing a more strategic approach to I.C.T. This provided our clients with value based I.C.T and allowed us to partner with them for success through a shared vision for success and growth.

Following the inaugural meeting and startup of I.T Alliance (I.T.A) in 2015, Technology Partners joined an elite group of independant I.C.T companies that work together to provide national coverage of services for national and multi branch companies. Becoming a co-director in 2017 of ITA, I am committed to building national recognition of I.T.A's ability to provide trusted local personalised service throughout the country. 

As a business owner and employer, we have tailored a culture to provide an interface between our clients and staff that is focused, fun and professional. We are able to invest time regularly with clients new and existing, to discuss their challenges and opportunities at no more cost than a good cup of coffee!

We now look forward to the opportunity of working with your business.

Chontelle Strang - Office Manager

Chontelle manages all administrative areas of the business and is your first contact for any account queries. Chontelle works normal business hours and provides both an administartive and accounting function as well as merchandising printer consumables to our client base. As a mum to our three children Angela, Jessica and Zachary all attending school in Tauranga, Chontelle is heavily involved in transporting our family between their extra curricular activities as well.