Computer Hardware

Laptops, Tablets and Desktop Computers

From a stable of leading brands such as HP, Intel, Lenovo, Asus and IBM, along with OEM purpose built computers, almost every requirement can be delivered to. We supply Asus, Viewsonic, Philips & BenQ monitors as well as Microsoft Desktop input devices. We also cater for a range of specialty POS systems.


From in premise workgroup servers and domain based Microsoft business servers to cloud based hosted servers, we provide cost effective solutions to meet the needs of the small to medium sized enterprise. HP, Super Micro and IBM form the key brand lineup of in premise servers that we supply. Technology Partners specialise in supporting VMWare virtualised environments either hosted or in premise.

Operating Systems and Platforms

As a Certified Microsoft Partner we deploy Microsoft Server Platforms and high level virtualised servers in both Hyper V, Citrix and VMWare platforms. We have extensive experience with Linux environments both from a programming and deployment perspective. With many years experience in these fields we provide appropriate solutions fit for purpose and have the expertise to consult, supply, implement and support these technologies. 

Switches, Routers

We promote and support brands such as Cisco, Microtik, Draytek, Edgecore and Level One. We implement both simple to exceptionally advanced networks with this range of equipment through the experience of our team and the support and relationships with the credible NZ distributor networks we use.  These products are noted for their reliability and used in many corporates in NZ and internationally. The best part is that they don't all come with a heavy price tag.


We can source printers incorporating colour and b&w, A3 / A4 Laser printers and multifunction devices to inkjet, matrix, and label printers to meet with your requirements. The experience gained working with quality brands and models enhances our ability to provide many time saving and cost-effective print solutions. Our background in this area is far more expansive than many I.T companies and we are authorised resellers of Brother, Epson, Oki, Canon and Zebra along with a variety of other specialist brand printers.

Power Protection

Most significant hardware damage is caused through poor or fluctuating power supply. We recommend your hardware be protected effectively with a suitable power protection device. Options include UPS's, power filters and spike protectors. Again, a suitable option can be provided based on practical requirements and value.

ISP & Telecommunications

Implementing high speed broadband services, point to point private networks and simple to advanced VoIP telephone solutions is a key skillset for us. Clients enjoy the management and care we take to ensure circuits are installed neatly and securely by the lines companies such as Chorus. We also understand and ensure appropriate solutions are put in place to migrate alarm monitoring from existing analogue lines to either 4G or fibre as appropriate to maintain monitoring. Where it is necessary to work alongside incumbent computer network providers on shared services, we play nicely in the sandpit demonstrating professionalism and attempting wherever possible to create points of demarcation that allow clear lines of responsibility for the delivery of services.

Data Cabinets

Technology Partners provide a range of products from simple wall brackets and enclosed cabinets as well as a range of full height server cabinets. Space and existing buildings play a major part in the selection of the right cabinet for your requirements. It is wise to have your architect talk to us at the outset of their design, as large cost savings can be achieved through smart design and planning!


We supply Cat5, Cat6 and fibre optic structured cabling solutions. In short when cabling you should consider a single centralised cabling solution that can deliver Voice, Data, Video and Sound. This can be exceptionally cost effective and allows for better integration and centralisation of services and better efficiency in space management. Call us now for a free no obligation design and quote (Conditions Apply).

With the roll out of Ultrafast broadband and fibre solutions throughout the country it's imperative to have reliable and centralised cabling in your premises. The fibre rollout is fuelling the takeup of SIP trunking by business throughout NZ. SIP trunks are a digital replacement for analogue telephone lines that come at a fraction of the price and provide extended manageable functionality for end users. SIP also allows you the option to easily have your telephone system hosted rather than have your own Telephone system on the wall. We also provide building to building or high rise fibre solutions with Routing and VLan security solutions for both tenanted or multiplatform requirements.

Computer Software and Applications

Business Application Software Solutions

Technology Partners provide a range of software solutions including products from the Microsoft stable including but not limited to MS Office 365, Project, SharePoint, One Note, Lync and Power BI, to Adobe Cloud & PC applications.

We specialise in the supply, implementation and support of Infusion business management software. As a foundation partner of Infusion, we have been involved in the journey Infusion has made to being the most capable integrated accounting and business management software built in New Zealand for it's price. Infusion's success can largely be accredited to the loyal and experienced Partner network.  Infusion encourage Partners to facilitate suggestions for features and improvements to their software from end users. Partners also enjoy the culture of annual conferences where Infusion encourage participation by the partner network to vote on more strategic aspects of future development of the software.

In association with key Partners, Technology Partners develop custom designed cloud software and database solutions including cloud device applications for Android and Apple IOS. Hosting and integrating these solutions with API's to software such as Infusion and Zero can provide unique and strategic benefits to our clients.


There are many excellent Payroll packages in the marketplace. Given the compliance and integration now required with IRD, we find most business's preferring to opt for a cloud based solution. To this end we refer our clients based on their size, complexity and specialist needs for payroll.


Eset has been out Antivirus sotware of choice for many years. It was born out of corporate and has ridden to the top of the ranks in the SME market. Using low resource whilst being the best AV for detecting virus's in the wild year on year, makes this product our recommended AV platform.